Fireworks 2019

22:45h. La Concha Bay. 30 min.


Saturday, august 10


Pirotecnia Valecea is a global reference. The quality of its colours, not to mention its pyromusical choreographies, have amassed numerous international awards. This is a family business, a Basque company with its roots barely 100 kilometres from Donostia-San Sebastián, en Berantevilla (Álava), where they have some of the most modern European installations in the sector and in which they research and develop new effects, bright and lasting colours, as well as the most impressive displays. The year 1876 saw the birth of this company passed down from parents to children; 143 years of history during which they have taken on an increasingly more important role in the world of fireworks, establishing themselves as the Basque ambassador all over the world and as the only company in the Basque Country to manufacture the pyrotechnical product from start to finish. Their most popular articles (cylindrical casings, single-shot and Roman candles, to name but a few) make their way across half of Europe every day as they head towards Germany, Belgium, Italy, France and Portugal. Pyrotecnia Valecea is proud of its myriad accolades, such as those received at the Monaco International Pyromusical Competition, the Pamplona International Competition, the International Trieste Competition and the Coimbra International Pyromusical Competition... but it is even more delighted to be the prophet of its land thanks to events like the Donostia-San Sebastián International Competition.

Sunday, august 11


Ciels en Fête is one of the most dynamic companies in the sector thanks to the quality of the people who work for it and their shared passion: the art of pyrotechnics. A motivated team who combine traditional and modern techniques, showing great concern for safety and respect towards the environment. Faithful to its philosophy, thanks to the capacity of its teams and the originality of its creations, Ciels en Fête revamps the pyrotechnics display and seduces thousands of spectators.

From traditional 18th century fireworks to third millennium pyrotechnics, the majestic art of fireworks lighting up the sky with thousands of short-lived sparkling explosions has never stopped evolving. Backed by 30 years of experience, Bruno Duverger, the company director, and his collaborators, have wide experience in France and abroad (Italy, Spain, Malta, Germany, Canada, United Arab Emirates...). The dedication to excellence has enabled them to put their names to enormous displays: three summer and winter collections at Disneyland Paris, at the Stade de France, numerous participations and wins at international competitions (with two prizes in Cannes, another two in Chantilly, Montreal, San Sebastián, Barcelona, etc.).

Monday, august 12


The Scarsella family started working in pyrotechnics way back in 1969, when Giuseppe Scarsella joined hands with his friend and partner Francazzi to open their first pyrotechnics plant in the green heart of the Ciociaria, in Alatri. Over the years, thanks to their passion, consistency, creativity and professional approach, the company has earned consolidation in the design, execution and production of fine-quality, high-standard fireworks. Making the most of the pyrotechnical knowhow and traditions passed down through the generations by their forebears and with the continuous desire to improve the colours and combination of shapes by means of innovation and technology, they successfully create and produce first-rate pyrotechnics exhibitions.

The company, located in the province of Frosinone, creates unforgettable events to satisfy all needs. The Scarsella Fireworks' fifty years of experience translates into guaranteed success and assured beauty in the pyrotechnics world, specialising in the careful planning and production of pyrotechnics shows of all kinds and complexity, nationally and internationally. Today, after numerous expansions and acquisitions, Scarsella Fireworks has its premises in different towns: Alatri and Anagni.

Tuesday, august 13


Pyrotechnics company dedicated to producing all kinds of fireworks displays, born in Madrid in the 80s. Its founder, José Luis Giménez Privado, Valencian by birth and pyrotechnician by vocation, formerly worked on firework design and firing at one of the most important pyrotechnics firms in Spain. A dynamic entrepreneur, he decided to launch his own pyrotechnics industry in Madrid's Villarejo de Salvanez, located at Km 48 on the road to Valencia (A-3). Day by day he has gradually worked to expand horizons until finally earning an important position in the sector, both in Madrid and in the rest of Spain, placing Pirotecnia Vulcano, S.L. as the leading company of the Community of Madrid. Pirotecnia Vulcano, S.L. specialises in producing traditional, pyromusical and sequential fireworks displays, as well as Multimedia Displays with music and visual screenings on to monuments, facades and water screens. The quality of its displays is backed by its extensive experience in the business and its long list of prizes: 36 participations in competitions winning 18 first prizes, 8 second and 2 third.

Wednesday, august 14


Company founded in 1950 coinciding with the industrial and demographic expansion occurring at the time in Sabadell. Encouraged by the mood, this town in the province of Barcelona became a springboard for the birth of small shops dedicated to the sale of gifts and fireworks. From its origins, married couple Francisco Cunillera and Raimunda Albertí ran this business which has subsequently become one of the city's iconic stores. The participation of their son Eduardo Cunillera, currently the manager of Gironina, and of his wife, Maria Antonia Minchan, led to development of the business. Since 2012, they have concentrated their efforts on expanding and improving its complete structure in relation to the firing of pyrotechnical displays. Gironina's growth in the fireworks world has evolved to the rhythm of the needs and changes to have emerged in the sector over the last three decades. Today the business has two large fireworks producing and storage facilities: one located in Vimbodi (Tarragona), and another in the vicinity of Valencia, specifically in the town of Pedralba. Worthy of note among its most recent prizes are First Prize at the 11th San Mateo Festival International Fireworks Competition in 2018, the Audience First Prize at the 24th "Villa de Bilbao" International Fireworks Competition during the Big Week celebrations in that city in 2014, and Second Prize at the 23rd "Ciutat de Tarragona" International Fireworks Competition in 2013.

Thursday, august 15


In 1994 Joachim Berner and Ulrich Frick founded the company IP Innovative in Ehningen, near Stuttgart. Since then and until today, their main objective was and still is to utilize their enormous knowledge of producing pyrotechnical effects and to make the most of opportunities to create new and special products. Innovative Pyrotechnik is well positioned in the sector and is one of its leading specialists is the production of musical choreographies both indoors and out. IP has toured with groups such as AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Tina Turner. The IP team is made up of highly qualified personnel in the company's different areas. By way of an anecdote, IP is the only fireworks company in the world to have included a helicopter in its pyrotechnical choreographies: the "firecopter", which they used at Interlaken, Switzerland, for the Red Bull air races.

IP's philosophy is elementary: simply the best!

Friday, august 16


This company located in the town of Almenara, in Castellón, was founded in 2001 by siblings José and Jorge Caballer.  Over these 18 years they have worked by the day to broaden their horizons and carve an important place for themselves in the pyrotechnics sector. This is one of the most modern pyrotechnics company in the Valencian Community. They have found its niche in the market as a booming pyrotechnics company thanks to their expertise, driven by their innovation, exclusivity, safety and reliability. Hermanos Caballer dates back to 1881 with the foundation of Caballer pyrotechnics by Vicente Caballer Calatayud (José and Jorge’s great grandfather).

Sáturday, august 17


Pirotecnia Ricardo Caballer, S.A. (Ricasa) is a Spanish company specialising in the manufacture of all kinds of pyrotechnical artefacts, at the forefront of innovative research and the creation of new features and effects for all kinds of fireworks displays. They continue to maintain the spirit and philosophy that inspired their founder: working with enthusiasm to transmit with fireworks the joy and pleasure of sound and the brilliance of colours that exhilarate the senses; a feeling which words often cannot describe. Today the company is managed by Ricardo Caballer Estellés and Ricardo Caballer Cardo, the founder's grandson and great-grandson, respectively. Their philosophy, over more than a century of work as pyrotechnical artists, has been to create, produce and transmit sensations to the spectators, to do which they combine elegance, precision, texture, delicacy, rhythm and, above all, the passion shared by all of their technicians and operators when developing the most demanding pyrotechnic projects worldwide.



Poster 2019


The photograph that illustrates the poster is the winner in the Fourth Fireworks Photo Contest held last year.

In the words of its author, "it is a simple photograph but at the same time beautiful and different from the photos that are usually taken from the fireworks" Sonia tells us that it resembles a flower and that it was quite clear, and that the base of the firework, which sometimes fails due to smoke, is quite symmetrical. The photograph was taken from the terrace where the sculpture "Tribute to Fleming" is located on the Paseo de La Concha and belongs to the pyromusical show of 2018.

Sonia likes photography since she has the use of reason, and because of that, she grabbed her grand mother’s cameras and she used to take pictures of everything , even though, as she said, “without a film reel, of course”. When she was 17 years old, she managed to save enough money to buy her first camera and she still today remember the emotion that is due to collect the photos revealed. It has been in the last years when this liking by the photography has accentuated and has been carried to secure diverse prizes.

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