Fireworks 2018

22:45h. La Concha Bay. 30 min.

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Saturday, august 11


The Esteban Martín fireworks company from Granada is a family business dating back to 1895. José Martín Alvarilla, great-grandfather of the current Manager, created the company and started a tradition passed down from father to son. However, the family's firework tradition goes as far back as José's grandfather, a merchant seaman, who was the first of them all to come into contact with gunpowder during his travels round Italy.
The second generation, embodied by Francisco Martín Yánez (José's son), was succeeded by Esteban Martín López, who took over the company in 1963, striking up great friendships in Valencia with some of the biggest pyrotechnics families and making numerous voyages with the result of great improvement to and modernisation of the company. Finally, in 1991 the business was passed down to Estebán Martín Tapia.
The knowledge acquired over the years make this one of the most outstanding fireworks companies in the sector. They are at the forefront of technology and continuously research in order to be able to continue offering the best moments of light, colour and sound.

Sunday, august 12


Hamex d.o.o. is a family company founded in 1990. They have their headquarters in the small town of Vrhnika, Slovenia. They have worked with the leading producers of pyrotechnical effects including Pagano, Vaccalluzzo, Panzera, Zink and Luso among others. However, since 2014 they have been developing their own production with the best technology and materials Europe has to offer. They only use their own products for their displays. Since 2002 they have prepared numerous pyromusical events and their first international competition dates back to 1997 when they participated in Rome in the Caput Lucis festival, followed by Shanghai. Their head designer has participated in several Italian teams, with fireworks displays at festivals in Montreal, Macao, Cannes, etc. The company is known for its honesty, its hard work and a certain Mediterranean touch thanks to which they love and enjoy what they do.

Monday, august 13


Thanks to the fireworks tradition passed down since 1877 through his great-grandfather, Antonio Caballer and his grandmother, a pioneering pyrotechnician in Spain, Josefina Caballer, the main aim of Caballer FX is to fill the corners of towns and cities with their Valencian essence of light, gunpowder and fire. Caballer FX, founded in 2004, holds an important place in the fireworks sector, always bringing a touch of colour to any special occasion.

Directed by Mª José Lora Zamorano, a pyrotechnician with more than 20 years' experience, the company technical personnel are highly specialised in the handling, assembly and launching of all kinds of fireworks.

Tuesday, august 14


A company with more than 100 years of history where knowledge and tradition have always been passed down from father to son. The origins of Parente Fireworks date back to the late 19th century when Romualdo Parente, following his great love of fireworks, set up business in his hometown in south-east Italy. Somewhere around the mid-20th century, Antonio, one of Romualdo's sons, left the factory in the south and moved to Melara, a city of pyrotechnical tradition in north-east Italy where he worked with a local pyrotechnics company. In 1956 and helped by his two sons he founded his own company. With the passing of the years, the family business has continued to grow in size, specialising in pyrotechnical products and becoming a world leader. Among their most important performances in recent years are the closing ceremony of EXPO 2015 and the fireworks display launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Constitution of Kuwait (a Guinness world record for being the biggest fireworks display in the world).

Wenesday, august 15


"First Class Pyro-Events", from Germany, is a young company founded in August 2004. It has gradually acquired a certain status in the world of pyrotechnics thanks above all to the company philosophy of trying to make every firework unique.

"Think different" is not only a slogan it is part of the philosophy of the company founder and owner, Stefan Falkenau. His aim is to produce creative ideas, reflect his passion as a work of art, bring feelings to the surface, generate enthusiasm, evoke dreams, understand fireworks as a passion. "Think different".

Thursday, august 16


The company from Orense “Pirotecnia Xaraiva S.L., founded around 1960, was managed single-handed by its owner with the help of his sons. In 1977, one of them, its current manager Luis Do Espíritu Santo García took up the reins and introduced radical changes. Today they make all kinds of fireworks material of Galician tradition as well as importing material not only for their own displays, but for sale to companies in the sector.

Friday, august 17


This company located in the town of Almenara, in Castellón, was founded in 2001 by siblings José and Jorge Caballer.  Over these 17 years they have worked by the day to broaden their horizons and carve an important place for themselves in the pyrotechnics sector. This is one of the most modern pyrotechnics company in the Valencian Community. They have found its niche in the market as a booming pyrotechnics company thanks to their expertise, driven by their innovation, exclusivity, safety and reliability. Hermanos Caballer dates back to 1881 with the foundation of Caballer pyrotechnics by Vicente Caballer Calatayud (José and Jorge’s great grandfather).

Sáturday, august 18


This company was founded in 1994 by two former competitors: Martin Hildeberg and Anders Hallinder; Martin is responsible for the artistic aspect and designs the majority of their displays. Anders, who died in May 2014, was in charge of the engineering. Very soon the company started to find its place and stand out in the fireworks industry, receiving orders for major displays like the Eurovision Song Contest final in Oslo 96. It wasn't long before they were participating in competitions and the results soon started rolling in. Until today, the company has won a long list of prizes and is the best known fireworks company in the Scandinavian competitions.



Poster 2018


The winning photograph of the competition was taken in the area around Miramar Palace. The author of the photograph goes there frequently with various friends to take pictures; in fact, she tends to go there most often to take pictures of the fireworks with Oskar Mendizabal, winner of last year's contest. They tend to alternate locations: a few days from the beach or Miramar (depending on the tide), and others from the Zurriola or the path up to mount Urgull...
The title of "The Monster" came to her because it is what the picture suggests: a monster's head with fire belching out of its mouth.
Born in Valladolid, she has been living in the Basque Country since the age of 5 years. Photography is something that came into her life by chance, although she had always liked it. However, it wasn't until 6 years ago that she started paying more attention to the subject and decided to improve her work, taking the odd course and entering her work for competitions.

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