The San Sebastián Semana Grande [Big Week] 2017

Thanks to all of you for having made the 2017 Big Week possible.

The 2017 Big Week was a success; we saw enormous public attendance at each and every one of the events programmed, and wide and varied citizen participation. The activities of our Big Week invite increasingly more participation every year and this was obvious in the greater involvement of the locals of all ages who enjoyed sports activities, competitions, dances, workshops, etc.

This was the Big Week to have reached the highest number of city districts and one which, while maintaining the hub of the activity in the Boulevard and the Old Town, didn’t forget those who live in the neighbourhoods and prefer to enjoy the festive atmosphere in their everyday haunts.

Participation and decentralisation, two aspects to be strengthened and on which we will continue to work in 2018.

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Nor must we forget the fine standard of the collections presented at the 54th International Fireworks Competition and particularly the musical performance of the closing night brought to us by one of today’s top pyromusical fireworks designers. The fabulous sound, the combination of colours and music chosen by Ricardo Caballer Cardo contributed to ensuring that the major event bringing the 2017 Big Week to an end was so spectacularly hailed by those present.

None of this would have been possible without the involvement of the agents, the sponsoring companies and the general public; that’s why we, the Donostia San Sebastián Festak team, want to thank all of you for helping to make our Big Week run smoothly in terms of safety, respect and non-discrimination.

We’ve already started work on the 2018 Big Week to guarantee that next year our summer festivities will be yet another huge success.


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