The San Sebastián Semana Grande [Big Week] 2020


Here is the program that we have prepared for the Big Week 2022 to be held in our city from August 13 to 20. A program that, we hope and wish, is as attractive as possible for all the citizens of San Sebastian and for those who visit us during those days and that is similar to what we used to enjoy before the pandemic.

We have resumed the International Fireworks Contest, the concerts return to the Sagüés esplanade, we will enjoy the Kursaal terraces, there will be sports activities and others for children, … We hope you enjoy the Big Week 2022.

Music at Semana Grande

Eight free concerts on the esplanade in Sagüés featuring different types of music will light up the nights during Semana Grande.

Firewoks competition

Fireworks fans will marvel at the International Fireworks Competition of San Sebastian, the longest running competition of its kind in Europe.

Useful phone numbers

A lot of people are hard at work during Semana Grande to make sure everybody has a fun and safe time. If you need us, don’t hesitate to contact us. And remember, the festivities are meant for everyone to enjoy – men and women alike – but they are NOT a free-for-all.