The San Sebastián Semana Grande [Big Week] 2020

Great Week

During the week of the 15th of August, the Virgin's Day, this festivity is held combining the International Firework Competition right in the middle of La Concha Bay; horse races at San Sebastian Racecourse; the best programme of music in Sagües and at many other sites throughout the city; and endless festive-play activities for children and senior citizens.

In 2021, due to Covid 19 Great Week will not be held.

The San Sebastian International Firework Competition takes place during the Great Week (Aste Nagusia) in mid-August and it is an unavoidable event for firework lovers. The resonance of these fireworks and their reflections on the waters of the sea make a magnificent display. This festival is so famous that it draws firework manufacturers from all over the world.

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