Poster of the Big Week 2022

The poster for the Big Week 2022 is the work of the Murcian Cristóbal Aguiló Domínguez.

Cristóbal Aguiló Domínguez graduated at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios in Valencia as a Higher Technician in Illustration. Throughout his career in the communications sector he has produced work as a graphic and creative designer, illustrator and art director for a variety of agencies in the Community of Valencia and Murcia.

In 2008, Aguiló founded his own studio, specialising in the production of graphic campaigns for cultural events with a signature technique of plasticine figures. During this period he has accumulated more than 150 national awards.

In fact, the poster to announce the Big Week 2022 was the winner of the competition called for the Big Week 2020, which was never used due to COVID-19 (instead, he created a design that we used for the Abuztua Donostian activities in 2020 and 2021).

In the poster, plasticine is used to illustrate a festive scene designed around the canon fired to mark the start of the Big Week portraying interaction between our fiesta’s most important figures. A central composition with a powerful and colourful focal point, full of happy faces and merrymaking, reflecting the enormous desire to return to normal and enjoy the celebrations.

Cartel Semana Grande 2022