Poster of the Big Week 2024

The poster for the Big Week 2024 is the work of Estudio Lanzagorta.



Design: ESTUDIO LANZAGORTA La Gran Semana (Big Week)
In the 2024 calendar, August is coming. Full of routine like every month, Thursday 1, Friday 2, Saturday 3... and so, one by one, we wipe out the days... until the explosion of Big Week comes, where the days grow in size, barely fit into the calendar, come out of the corners, and dance together, projecting an image of party and fun, all dotted with symbols that represent some of the many festive activities: fireworks, dances, charangas, sports, music, etc.

The design is a tribute to Letraset's pages, to those transferable letters that we used to label texts before everything became digital.


Cartel Semana Grande 2024