Concerts in Sagüés 2018

23:45h. Tomás Alba square (Sagües). 90min.

Saturday, august 11

Amaia Montero

Pop. Amaia made her solo debut in 2008 with "Amaia Montero", taking her to no. 1 in the list of highest sales in Spain, with three Platinum Discs and a nomination for the Latin Grammys in the Best Female Pop Vocal Album. With 20 years behind her as the queen of pop, Amaia returns with "Nacidos para creer".

“Nacidos para creer” is the summary of a journey full of comings and goings, it is the self-portrait of many faces, a confession, an X-ray, a full frontal of the innermost part. Some of the verses settle scores while others pay tribute as a way of saying thanks to those who stay by your side whether it rains or shines, no matter what your position in the race.

Sunday, august 12

Zea Mays

Rock. The year 2017 saw the 20th anniversary of the band from Bilbao, Zea Mays. Zea Mays have cleverly adapted to the new times while keeping their feet on the ground; they have broadened their audience by overcoming language barriers and passing with flying colours the enormous challenge facing any artist: to regenerate their public by attracting new fans among the younger generation. All are achievements to feel proud of. And that's precisely the name of Zea Mays' eighth studio album: ‘Harro’ (Proud). They've leapt onto the bandwagon without having to push and shove, always cultivating a good feeling. That's why they have so many reasons to feel proud.

Monday,  august 13


Pop. The speed with which a simple video recorded using a smartphone by the group itself spread to millions of people sums up the impact of DVICIO. Nothing has been the same since these five youngsters arrived with their fresh pop and brilliant ideas. Andrés, Luis, Nacho, Martin and Alberto turned everything upside down with that "Enamórate (en el coche)", reaching more than 65 million people.

With "Justo Ahora", their first work, DVICIO discovered what it meant to enjoy worldwide success. The huge triumph garnered in their visit to Thailand, a 4-week promotional tour of the USA in October 2015 and numerous awards and accolades in Spain turned DVICIO into a unique musical phenomenon, with almost three million social media followers and more than 110 million views of their videos. They are the ambassadors of a new pop generation characterised by doing things their way, differently.

Tuesday, august 14

Iseo & Dodosound with the Mousehunters

Reggae, dub, trip hop. The musical project of Iseo & Dodosound was born as a meeting place between these two artists from Pamplona. With very different musical pasts, they joined forces in 2014, creating a hybrid of their experiences and influences to trigger a creative explosion and carry them off to new and unexplored musical horizons.
The project introduced itself with a first self-edited LP ("Cat Platoon", 2015) in which they laid the foundations of a sound marked by the fusion of digital and analog. This first album would define their characteristic sound, positively acclaimed by public and critics alike.
Two years later, the carefully tended musical minimalism and the unmistakable texture of Iseo's voice find in their new album, "Roots in the air", a new plane on which to develop more mature and sophisticated ideas and messages.

Wednesday, august 15

Álvaro Soler

Pop. His first album «Eterno Agosto» and his hit singles «Sofia», «El Mismo Sol» and «Yo Contigo, Tú Conmigo (The Gong Gong Song)» have earned him more than 30 Gold, Platinum and Diamond Discs all over the world. He was nominated for three «Latin American Music Awards».

With a Spanish mother and German father, Alvaro lived in Tokyo for 10 years before returning to Barcelona, his native city. In 2015 he moved to Berlin where he recorded his first solo single, which shot directly into the top 5 of the charts in Germany and was number 1 in sales in Poland, Switzerland and Italy. For its part, «Sofia» was number 1 in 17 countries.

Thursday, august 16


Ska. After their stint with Skalariak, Jabiero, guitarist, Luisillo, bass, Rubén on the trumpet and Enrikko on the drums, decided in 2008 to create Vendetta, together with Pello Reparaz on the trombone. A new ska band was born with the most festive spirit as its flag.

“Abducted” is the name of the tour bringing Vendetta to the stage in 2018 and which they have announced will be their last. This year will therefore be the final opportunity to enjoy these veterans of the best Ska live on stage.

Vendetta has adroitly evolved to offer a perfectly updated sound. Its combination with rock, reggae or funk sounds make their live shows a constant shot of energy, making every performance a huge success.

Friday, august 17

Marky Ramone

Rock. Marky Ramone is one of those musicians who smack of legend. Of a glorious period. Of rock music, of street music.
Marky Ramone was a member of the Ramones, one of the iconic groups making up the cultural heritage of many generations, member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and winner of a Grammy for his musical career.
Marky comes to Donostia with his band to play the best known Ramones numbers.

Saturday, august 18

Jarabe de Palo

Pop-rock. In 2017, and after a break of almost two years, Jarabe de Palo returned to the stage to present a new project: 50 PALOS. Pau Donés is now 50 and Jarabe de Palo 20, and to celebrate it they have a new album, a book and a tour. 50 PALOS (the album) contains 21 of their most popular songs in versions for piano and voice, plus an unreleased song: HUMO.

Jarabe de Palo is, more than anything, a stage group. That's where the band presents its best known songs in versions for piano and voice, and their electric concerts, with the whole band, to celebrate those 20 years of existence. Jarabe de Palo is back with music as its banner.