Concerts in Sagüés 2022


23:45h. Tomás Alba square (Sagües). 90min.

Saturday, august 13


Izaro’s poetic universe reveals a determination to cross the seasons and continents of sound in her latest project. Following her exceptional debut album, “om”, in 2016, two years later in 2018 she showed us she was here to stay with the release of her second work, “eason”. In January 2020, the artist brought out her latest album entitled “Limones en Invierno”, rising to number two in Spain’s list of best-selling albums. Never before had a Basque artist as young as this and in such a short time succeeded in hanging the “sold out” sign at temples of music throughout the Basque Country (Kursaal Auditorium, Euskalduna Concert Hall, Victoria Eugenia Theatre…). Izaro’s intimate and profoundly sensitive music never fails to move all those who hear it.

Izaro's website

Sunday, august 14

La M.O.D.A.

La M.O.D.A (acronym for the Marvellous Orchestra of Alcohol) is an acoustic septet with influences of folk, blues, rock & roll and punk. They combine instruments including the accordion, sax, banjo, mandolin and clarinet with a wide variety of influences. They have released four LPs, a handful of EPs and a couple of live albums. Now, LA M.O.D.A. returns with a new album, ‘Nuevo Cancionero Burgalés’, produced by Gorka Urbizu (Berri Txarrak) and inspired in the traditional repertoire of their region, with words taken from popular song collections and music composed by the group. Making this album has been a way of coming closer to their roots and to their elders. An album made from the heart and in the knowledge of creating new songs based on living lyrics, so meaningful for many people and handed down from generation to generation.

La M.O.D.A.'s web site (in spanish)

Monday, august 15

Ariel Rot & Kiko Veneno

Ariel Rot and Kiko Veneno started out in the music world at almost the same time in the mid-70’s and their careers have always followed parallel paths without them ever having joined forces to do something on stage, until now. The concert bringing Ariel and Kiko to our city will add a different ingredient to the versions of their famous classics naturally performed by the two protagonists in every city, in every square, in every town (“Me estas atrapando otra vez", "Echo de menos" "Dulce condena", "En un Mercedes blanco”, “Salta", "Volando voy"...). Here there will also be space for local groups and artists to join the show, not to mention surprise guests and time to treat the audience to anecdotes, stories and tales of the musicians’ exploits. An experience seeking to generate an atmosphere of collaboration and participation between the two artists and their guests.

Ariel Rot's web site (in spanish) / Kiko Veneno's Instagram

Tuesday, august 16


Zetak is a group from Navarra with Pello Reparaz (former member of Vendetta) as its visible face; a project focused on electronic music in the Basque language without forsaking the melody or radiance of pop.

Formed two years ago, they now have two albums on the market. In 2019 they brought out their first with the name of “Zetak”, and only a year later released their second, “Zeinen ederra izango den”, an invitation to recover the time lost to the pandemic in the best way possible: with non-conforming music bringing synthetic sounds combined with the traditional txalaparta.

Zetak's website (in spanish and basque)

Wednesday, august 17

MITIC El espectáculo

MITIC El espectáculo has a goal: to take the Galician bagpipes further afield than their fanbase and highlight their full potential. An orchestra-cum-rock group bringing a surprising, innovative and charming audiovisual show running for almost two hours as it wends its way through the different music genres and the history of cinema via its soundtracks. A show that started taking shape in early 2016, when brothers Álvaro and Susa Costas, the pianist Cris Macías and the flute-player Iago Lariño decided to assemble 17 of the scene’s leading artists on stage, offering a “mini orchestra” to perform the more symphony numbers and a bona fide rock band in a same concert, crowned by Álvaro Costas’ Galician bagpipes. With the sole intention of discovering new limits, putting the pipes through their steps and incorporating them to universal music for new audiences.

MITIC El espectáculo's Instagram

Thursday, august 18

Ana Guerra

Ana Guerra is a Canarian singer and composer who shot to fame with her participation in the 2017 edition of the TV show, Operación Triunfo. The singer from Tenerife has multiple talents that many of us can only dream of: she has a deep and versatile voice, indestructible determination and indisputable photogenic qualities. During OT 2017 she strengthened her earlier values and reaffirmed her character, showing herself to be a plucky and adaptable performer with enormous stage presence. An ability to adjust to the demands of widely differing repertoires combine with Ana’s punchy attitude to everyday life.

Ana Guerra's website (in spanish)

Friday, august 19

Green Valley

Spanish reggae and dancehall band formed by six musicians from Álava and Catalunya bringing a surprising live setup with catchy protest lyrics and positive messages designed to raise awareness amongst their fans. After their first hugely successful concerts, the group switched towns (Vitoria for Barcelona), aiming to take their music onto new stages and travel to all corners of Spain on their tours. In 2010 they released ‘En tus Manos’, a first album packed with Reggae, Roots and Dancehall sounds. Their evolution has rocketed since then, capturing the attention of the specialised critics. This first work was followed by ‘La voz del pueblo’ (2012), “Mirame a los ojos” (2013), ‘Hijos de la tierra’ (2014), ‘Ahora’ ( 2016), ‘Bajo la piel’ (2019) and “La llave maestra” (2022).

Green Valley's website (in spanish)

Saturday, august 20


Gatibu, a Basque rock quartet hailing from the town of Gernika-Lumo (Bizkaia) in 2000, has released eight albums, one of them recorded live. Even in their earliest songs it was plain that this was a band destined to become one of Basque culture’s most popular musical combos. Their style essentially draws on colourful rock sung in the Biscayan dialect, overflowing with melody and spirit. Theirs is open music that shuns artistic complexes while infusing the strength of rock with the melody of pop and lyrics largely focused on everyday subjects like passion and enthusiasm, affection and friendship and emotions or mindsets. But behind its mainstay of rock and pop, folk and country beats join more danceable disco and funky sounds.

Gatibu's website