Concerts in Sagüés 2019

23:45h. Tomás Alba square (Sagües). 90min.

Saturday, august 10

Carlos Tarque

Carlos Tarque is not only one of Spain's most powerful singers, the owner of a personal and unique voice, he's also the co-writer of the M Clan repertoire. Carlos Tarque, the charismatic vocalist of M Clan, has used his time off from the band to record his first solo album, simply entitled “Tarque”. This is a hard rock production showing his love of the sounds and artists of the 60s and 70s, such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Free and Bad Company, of the hardest Stones, Faces and The Who, of mythical albums like Lovehunter by Whitesnake and Highway to Hell by AC/DC and where he also shows his interest in new crops of bands. In his solo launch, his body was crying out for hard rock, and that's what we've got, a new work bringing us uncompromising rock with no stylistic concessions, a rock that's come of age.

Carlos Tarque's website (in spanish)

Sunday, august 11

Esne Beltza + Huntza

Today, simply talking about the musical career of the members of Esne Beltza would be to scorn the group's achievements in these last four years. It's obvious that it would be hard to imagine a perfect musical machine like Esne Beltza without all of those previously covered kilometres, since every stage performed on and every album recorded has contributed its grain of sand to an essential path for growing and establishing themselves as musicians. Since its creation, the group has been in constant movement; its performances number in their hundreds and they've recorded six studio albums. Musically speaking, Esne Beltza is a cocktail shaker of the colours of Basque music. All styles fall short when expressing their type of music: styles like hip hop, reggae, soul, rock, folk, or cumbia come together in their works.

Esne Beltza's website (in spanish)

Huntza is a music band that was created in 2014 in the streets of Bilbo. It is formed by five youngsters who met at university atmosphere and their goal is to open up their music to the whole Basque Country. Then, they started meeting once and again to have fun together. As they were shaping the band, they started writing their songs by sharing what they had gained from their personal experience. As mentioned before, even if the band was created in Bilbo, all the members are from Gipuzkoa. The band first appeared on 8th March 2016 when they released the song “Harro gaude”. This song pays tribute to all those women who first performed on stage. This was just the beginning of all the concerts and performances that would come afterwards.

Huntza's website

Monday,  august 12

Hombres G

Hombres G is one of the biggest Spanish pop bands of all times. Their impressive sales figures, the enormous international dimension of their success still lovingly remembered and, most importantly, the fervour of their fans will remain permanently engraved on the memory. It was 1983 that saw the appearance of their first two singles, "Venezia/Milagro en el Congo" and "Marta tiene un marcapasos/La cagaste Burt Lancaster". Their first performances in Madrid's Rock-Ola club turned into a huge social event, although at that time no-one imagined just how far their success would go. In 1992 Hombres G said farewell to their fans, and it wasn't till 2003 that the overwhelming reception of the tribute CD, Voy a pasármelo bien, and the best hits album, Peligrosamente juntos, with its subsequent tour, prompted the quartet's return to the music scene. Since then, they have recorded several albums and singles, having toured solo and in collaboration with other groups.This year, 2019, after 10 years without releasing an album, they broke their silence with “Resurrección”, a work packed with energy, experience and stories of life seen through their most rock-tinted filter, combining that intensity with strings and wind arrangements in the purest of G styles. Hombres G return to the stage in grand form!

Hombres G's website (in spanish)

Tuesday, august 13

Lola Índigo

Mimi has been performing on stage since childhood. Of Andalusian blood, she started out dancing Flamenco, later becoming an urban dance professional. The boost to her career came with her appearance in the TV programme “Fama, a bailar” at the age of 18. Following that opportunity, she lived in China, Los Angeles, Thailand, training with the choreographers of Jennifer López, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé... and dancing alongside big-name artists like Chris Brown, Miguel Bosé and Fyahbwoy among others. During her time in China she developed her talents as a singer and, on returning to Spain, she started working in cabaret as a vocalist and dancer. That same year she was selected for "Operación Triunfo"; since her appearance on the programme she has become one of the most promising artists of her generation. Later she decided to create Lola Índigo, her alter ego, forming the all-female band she had always dreamt of belonging to. A group which she fronted as singer with a powerful all-girl dance crew whose strength was as important as the vocal aspect. Lola Índigo was born as a different, modern and transgressive project, putting women in control. The project was the most pleasant musical surprise of 2018; making almost no noise, these five women arrived on the music scene with "Ya no quiero ná" and "Mujer bruja", breaking all records. In only two weeks they marked up more than 15 million views, taking no more than three to bag a "Gold Disc", an unprecedented feat. Lola Índigo's show is one of the most powerful and dynamic on today's scene. A performance combining dance, song and audiovisuals.

Lola Índigo's Instagram

Wednesday, august 14

Sole Giménez

Sole Giménez is one of Spanish music's most recognised and appreciated voices for its quality and unmistakable personality. Born in Paris (France), raised in Yecla (Murcia) and living in Valencia (Spain), Sole is backed by a career of more than thirty years during which she has never stopped developing and growing artistically and musically, today representing one of Spain's most versatile and charismatic voices. The former vocalist for two decades with the hugely successful group Presuntos Implicados, selling three million albums, has now been leading a solo career for more than a decade. Author and composer of more than a hundred numbers, many of them huge hits in the world of Spanish music, she has given thousands of concerts, has collaborated with big artists, and enjoys widespread international reach backed by the love of audiences in different countries. In 2006, Sole Giménez decided to continue with her solo music career, consolidating her style and personality in each of her ten albums to date, bearing her unmistakable stamp and which have established her as a greatly loved performer and author among audiences in both Spain and Latin America, who support her in every project and provide huge backing for her career.

Sole Giménez website (in spanish)

Thursday, august 15

Alex Ubago

Alex Ubago recorded a demo when barely 18 years old which would change his life. In 2001, that demo would become his first album, “¿Qué pides tú?”, going on to sell more than 1.5 million copies. Among its songs are "Sin miedo a nada", declared by popular vote to be the best love song in the last decade, in a poll organised by one of the biggest Spanish music radio stations. Today his albums have sold more than 3 million copies, making him one of the artists to enjoy the best reputation in the history of romantic Spanish music. He has a Diamond Disc for having sold more than 2 million copies; Ondas Award for "Best National Artist"; Amigo Award for "Best Male Artist"; "Best New Artist" and "Best Album"; the Award for "Best Latin Pop Song of the Year", given by the famous American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP); and the "Airplay Track of the Year" Award from Billboard. “Aviones de Cristal” (2006) landed Spain's Gold Disc a week after its launch, followed by “Siempre en mi mente” (2007), paying tribute to his Latin audience. In 2008 he brought out “Calle Ilusión”, bagging him a nomination for "Best Male Pop Vocal Album" at the Latin Grammys in 2009. In 2011 he set out on a project parallel to his solo career together with his colleagues Lena Burke and Jorge Villamizar (ex Bacilos), ALEX, JORGE Y LENA, earning them the Latin Grammy for the "Best Pop Album by a Duo or Group”.  In 2013, while on his biggest American tour, he launched his album, “Mentiras sinceras”, and particularly “Ella vive en mi”, a song dedicated to all women and with which he landed the Gold Disc for digital downloads. In 2015 he once again joined his great colleague, Amaia Montero, to record “Los abrazos rotos”: a duet on Amaia's album, greatly loved by fans of both artists. In 2017 he released “Míranos”, a single from his latest album: “Canciones impuntuales”.

Alex Ubago's website (in spanish)

Friday, august 16


María Nieves Rebollero, better known as BEBE, is a Valencian flamenco pop singer-songwriter. Having grown up in a family of artists, you could say that her musical art was a standard feature. Although she launched a solo career, she has always collaborated with different bands. In 2004 she released her first album, ‘Pafuera telarañas’ with Carlos Jean as producer. Together with her first album came her three big hits “Malo”, “Ella” and “Siempre me quedará”, with which she gained international fame. Her lyrics, always full of social condemnation and support for the feminist struggle, have become a reference for the empowerment of women in our country and for other women in the music industry. Having acted for a time, in 2009 she released her first album entitled ‘Y…’, with numbers such as "La bicha”, “Me fui” and “Pa’ mi casa”. In recent years the singer has been deeply involved in different charity projects and causes. Her album, “Cambio de piel” (2015), reflected a change in the singer, bringing a much more personal album, packed with emotions. Bebe ended her tour in December 2018 after two long years of concerts taking her to Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. BEBE, one of our country's most important singer-songwriters, will perform at San Sebastián's Big Week with a rundown of her greatest hits.

Bebe's website (in spanish)

Saturday, august 17


His artistic origins date back to the musical fusion of styles emerging from the streets of Barcelona in the early 2000. A bubbling artistic scene which shed light on artists as interesting as Ojos De Brujo, a group which also had the collaboration in its early days of Manu Chao, Amparanoia, Dusminguets, etc. Since those origins when he was part of that innovative independent scene, Macaco has received myriad awards confirming his status, achieved after 15 years of musical career and with a perfect balance between popularity and credibility. Macaco's philosophy of life on and off stage make him a socially active artist, committed to different causes. Macaco has been busy recording his new album for the last 2 years. A project built with co-producers from different countries and surprising collaborations by artists of different registers on both sides of the pond. This work will see the light in May of this year. The first preview will arrive on February 22, release date of Bailo la pena, an invitation to dance, to shake off sadness with a swing of the hips.

Macaco's website (in spanish)