Zurriola Food Truck 2019

Terraces of the Kursaal

Opening times:  11, 12, 13, 15 & 16th of august from 12:00 to 02:30 am / 10, 14 & 17th of august to 03:30 am

Food trucks from different places will be serving up a variety of dishes. Salads, juices, gourmet hamburgers, vegan cuisine, burritos, bagels,crêpes, pizza, paella, ice lollies, …. Try something out of the ordinary at this year's fiesta.



A young and dynamic food company, dedicated body and soul to serving quality, professional and healthy dishes along the lines of "Gastro Street Food" from their Food Trucks. The star dish is the Bagel (artisan bread originally from Poland, and specifically Krakow, enormously popular among the Jewish world), and this company is a pioneer of introducing the product to our streets. Their ingredients mainly come from Navarra and the Basque Country, hence the company name, "Basque Truck". Their Bagels take their inspiration from the food markets of big cities like London and New York, but with their own touch: "Basque Bagels". They use natural and organic produce, artisan bread and locally-sourced produce.

Basque Truck


Creperie set up in an original food truck from which we serve crepes at fairs, celebrations, etc., and hot-dogs and burgers at festivals, concerts, etc. Inside the truck we have an area where you can eat and listen to music, while enjoying the sensation of being in there with us and seeing how it all works.

Crepería School Bus


Mexican flavours since 2015. Estefanía and Miguel are a Mexican-Spanish couple who have been working in catering since their arrival from Mexico. In 2015 they opened their own business: "El 22 Café Bar". Attracted by the Street Food philosophy and Food Trucks, they decided to start working in that world. In their Food Trucks they use posters, props and decoration to maintain their peculiar traditional Mexican image. Among their gastronomic varieties are gluten-free options alongside a vegetarian and vegan selection. Aware of the importance of maintaining the quality of their food and of enhancing every one of its flavours, they always use fresh ingredients to compose their homemade recipes, including the characteristic Mexican salsas.

El 22 Comida Mexicana


For a real paella experience. Mixed chicken and seafood paellas, prepared in enormous paella pans for 50 servings. Our paellas are prepared before you in the open air so that you can see how they are made.

El Txoko de la Paella (Ni Neu)


The Food Truck Factory is more than just a travelling burger outfit. It's much more than a "happy 50s" icon. It's a food truck carefully thought out... from the heart. It's a real visual riot, an invitation to celebrate, flattery to the palate, quality and care that enter through the senses. All in an airstream caravan, an icon of 50s American culture, a real king of the road, like a Harley Davidson. The Food truck Factory stands out for the high quality of its complete gastronomic range. A selection of finely prepared, quality American morsels: burgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken fingers, pulled pork.

The Food Truck Factory


Passion for good street food. We love adapting traditional cuisine to street food, we love combining different styles and cultures at the stove, we love the proximity with customers that street food gives you, we love cooking, and our passion and vocation are why we cook.

Our menu is based on traditional cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients. We like to change and adapt our menu to the event, with the focus on our organic veal and Iberian pork rotisserie, traditional Moroccan couscous, spinach cannelloni, hummus, gourmet burgers and much more...

Gala Urban Food


Street food, catering for events and a food caravan. Healthy, vegetarian and vegan, 100% handmade with local, seasonal ingredients.
We work with enormous passion to offer an original and creative street food service. We make healthy food specialising in vegetarian and vegan recipes composed with fresh, seasonal produce and, wherever possible, locally-sourced and organic. We believe that today's vegetarian cuisine offers a wide diversity of flavours which delight the palate with deliciously healthy recipes.

Hanna Vegan Healthy Food


Vintage-style food truck serving hot dogs with a difference, made with 100% natural ingredients: grilled or baked bread, avocado, fresh tomato, sauerkraut and a variety of sauces to go with them, such as mayonnaise with olives, carrots or smoked merken (smoked chili pepper from Chile). All of these ingredients can also be served in a tasty corn dough, in what we call our "perri-tako". We also have a selection of baked pasties with meat, chicken, ham & cheese or corn... And if you fancy something sweet, we also offer our clients a wide variety of delicious cornflour and dulce de leche pastries to accompany their coffee, served with cream, full, skimmed or soya milk.



La Factoria Food Truck is an American-style caravan with a Mediterranean flavour, modern image and a vintage heart. Its gastronomy is based on Iberian produce, coca pizzas with different fillings, snacks and different kinds of bread. All of its coca pizzas, coated with a layer of cheese au gratin, are cooked and prepared while you wait. They serve Iberian charcuterie tastings with assorted breads, Andalusian bread rolls and Italian black olive focaccia. And finally, to snack on between meals or as a garnish, why not have a portions of chips, croquettes or mini fuet sausages. .

La Factoría


On the road for 15 years, we're a pizzeria on wheels. It may sound odd, but that's exactly what we are…
We serve handmade pizzas made with carefully selected natural and quality ingredients. We like to experiment with shapes, textures and flavours, considering cuisine to be a way of expressing creativity... We believe in close contact between people, in movement... And that's why we decided to ROLL!
Street food, for ordinary folk…

La Rodante


Catering on an Argentine grill. Long experience at events related to the gastronomy of Argentine products. We serve all sorts of baguettes with charcoal-grilled options: veal, creole chorizo, black pudding, pork sausage, pancetta, pork loin, burgers and grilled platers, chimichurri sauce, etc.

Parrilla Argentina Mcanudos


We are artisans, we make our own ice cream. Faithful to the criteria which has guided our professional and personal background, we use natural, seasonal, locally-sourced and organic produce whenever possible. It goes without saying that they contain no colourants, no artificial flavourings. Our master ice cream-maker produces a selection ranging from the most gourmet options of sweet and savoury ice creams, to the most classic flavours. Ever since setting out with our food truck we have been to all sorts of places: fiestas (Astigarraga, Usurbil, Tolosa, Renteria...), fairgrounds (Pin Pan Pun, Sevatur...), events (opening of Chillida Leku, Plentzia, TSM Bilbao la Vieja...), Pasaia San Pedro.


A food truck from Bizkaia mainly selling gourmet burgers and hot dogs, although it adapts its menu to the type of event. They also have the option of crêpes and drinks. Their philosophy is based on fresh, locally-sourced produce. A project born five years ago and which has already participated in different gastronomic activities, fairs, fiestas and festivals. All in a refurbished, fully-equipped French caravan from the 60s.

Tipitapa Food Truck


A street food project born in 2016. Specialists in world food adapted to the Mediterranean palate. Food cooked by us with top quality ingredients, served and presented with great care.
All in a 1980 Moncayo caravan with a pronounced vintage style thanks both to its original design and its decoration.

Yummy! World Flavours