MITIC El espectáculo

MITIC El espectáculo has a goal: to take the Galician bagpipes further afield than their fanbase and highlight their full potential. An orchestra-cum-rock group bringing a surprising, innovative and charming audiovisual show running for almost two hours as it wends its way through the different music genres and the history of cinema via its soundtracks. A show that started taking shape in early 2016, when brothers Álvaro and Susa Costas, the pianist Cris Macías and the flute-player Iago Lariño decided to assemble 17 of the scene's leading artists on stage, offering a "mini orchestra" to perform the more symphony numbers and a bona fide rock band in a same concert, crowned by Álvaro Costas' Galician bagpipes. With the sole intention of discovering new limits, putting the pipes through their steps and incorporating them to universal music for new audiences.

Space adapted for people with functional disability.
Wednesday, august 17
23:45 - 01:15
Gros-Ulia / Tomás Alba square (Sagüés) -