Fully Fused Fireworks

The Fully Fused Fireworks, which last year was programmed in our contest and could not be fired due to inclement weather, returns to our city with the hope of being able to please the San Sebastian citizenry. A company with more than 40 years’ experience and an extensive background in national and international arena, Britain’s Fully Fused Fireworks comes to Donostia/San Sebastian for the first time. Fully Fused Fireworks works in close collaboration with other fireworks companies in the UK and throughout Europe. In fact, its head designer, Cliffe Stonestreet, trained with the top fireworks designers and manufacturers in Italy and Spain, lending his creations an obvious Mediterranean style.

Fully Fused Fireworks has been running fireworks shows for the last 40 years with great success, including being the first UK company to win the Monaco Fireworks Festival, as well as being runners-up in Macao and San Remo and competing in Estonia and Spain. His passion is to produce memorable bespoke high-impact fireworks and pyrotechnics displays with an emotional pull for the audience.


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Super amara

Diario Vasco

Space adapted for people with functional disability.
Saturday, august 12
22:45 - 23:15
La Concha bay -