Cinema in the street: Errementari


Plot: It has been 10 years since the first Carlist War of 1833. In a small town in Alava, a government commissioner named Alfredo investigates an event that takes him to a sinister blacksmith deep in the forest, where a dangerous and solitary blacksmith named Patxi lives. Villagers in the area tell dark stories about him related to thefts, murders and demonic covenants. Until by chance an orphan girl named Usue manages to sneak into the mysterious blacksmith, uncovering the terrible truth behind Patxi the Blacksmith.

In basque with spanish subtitles.

Limited capacity.

Language: In basque

Space adapted for people with functional disability.
Saturday, august 07
22:00 - 23:38
Egia / Luis Martín Santos square -
Entry is free while space is available


Poster of the film