Banda de Música Ciudad de Irun + Ostomila Txotxongilo Taldea: Mitoen Banda


Puppet theatre is a means of transmission and cultural action that connects the public with their personal experiences and emotions, is optimal for all ages. Puppetry as an educational tool stimulates imagination, creativity and fantasy in the public. Mitoen Banda creates a dramaturgy in coexistence with Basque mythology and popular music played by the Banda de Irún, giving cohesion to the puppetry theatrical action of Ostomila Txotxongilo group and immersing the viewer in the environments of the work and the emotions of each of the scenes.

Mitoen banda is a journey into the traditions and music of an ancestral country. Euskal Herria is full of magic, sounds and fantastic characters.

Limited capacity.

Language: In basque

Space adapted for people with functional disability.
Sunday, august 01
19:30 - 20:20
Aiete / Amphitheater de Aiete- Miramón -
Entry is free while space is available


Ostomila Txotxongilo taldea