Ariel Rot & Kiko Veneno

Ariel Rot and Kiko Veneno started out in the music world at almost the same time in the mid-70's and their careers have always followed parallel paths without them ever having joined forces to do something on stage, until now. The concert bringing Ariel and Kiko to our city will add a different ingredient to the versions of their famous classics naturally performed by the two protagonists in every city, in every square, in every town ("Me estas atrapando otra vez", "Echo de menos" "Dulce condena", "En un Mercedes blanco", "Salta", "Volando voy"...). Here there will also be space for local groups and artists to join the show, not to mention surprise guests and time to treat the audience to anecdotes, stories and tales of the musicians' exploits. An experience seeking to generate an atmosphere of collaboration and participation between the two artists and their guests.

Space adapted for people with functional disability.
Monday, august 15
23:45 - 01:15
Gros-Ulia / Tomás Alba square (Sagüés) -