Aldapeko Basque Latin Jazz

Aldapeko Basque Latin Jazz was born as a project in which traditional Basque music joins Latin rhythms and jazz harmonies. An interesting fusion of rhythms and musical visions that offers a show in which the public will have the opportunity to listen to classics of Euskal Herria, enjoying at the same time the evolution-transformation of these melodies in their journey through the world without losing their essence. A colorful and rhythmic musical journey that will merge some of our best known melodies with Latin rhythms and in a jazz harmonic key.

Imanol Iribarren (piano), Patricia Mancheño (electric bass), Eva Catalá (congas), Manu Pinzón (drums), Peio Irigoien (txistu, dultzaina, trumpet), Iñigo Cuenca (trumpet), Alvaro Jarauta and Iñigo Corao (trombone).

Limited capacity.

Space adapted for people with functional disability.
Sunday, august 01
13:00 - 14:30
Antiguo-Ibaeta / José María Sert square -
Entry is free while space is available


Aladapeko Jazz Band